About Me

It was during an intense nine-month journey throughout China going about my Father's business that I discovered two new loves in my life. The first was my soon to be wife, Monica, who I knew I wanted to marry within a week of being with her. The second was photography.

With a newfound desire to document our travels and adventures, I was fascinated by this new perspective of the world where suddenly everything seemed so beautiful when captured through a small round piece of glass attached to a rectangular little box. Or maybe I was just hopelessly in love.

Upon returning to the U.S., I set out to capture unique yet authentic moments happening all around me. When I stumbled across wedding photography, I was instantly hooked. I now find myself truly blessed to be able to witness countless stories with raw emotions unfolding right before my eyes as I attempt to record them for future generations.

Aside from spending time with my wife and son, I enjoy binge watching TV shows, over-indulging in frozen treats, power napping at random times of the day, sitting at the airport, playing volleyball, and reading through a countless list of technology blogs. These activities recharge me so I can chase my son around as he gets himself into daily trouble. Inevitably, I also have a large amount of photographic evidence of his playful and adorable nature. 

- Felipe